Thursday, August 22, 2013

Frugal Foody - Good Food you can EnJoy.. AND ... aFForD!

So here's the skinny...we are on a budget...a skinny budget. Two full-time working adults, you would think we'd be living high on the hog right? Wrong. Both of us are college graduates and with that comes the college loans, plus we are very fortunate that my husband had the means to build a home just as we started dating so now we have a beautiful piece of land, wonderful home, great investment instead of renting. But with that comes the responsibility of the mortage. When you add up those and a few incidentals here enters the ol' budget so that soon we will be debt free!

The biggest budget area I have been working on shrinking is for FOOD! I am not willing to compromise nutrition, health, nor my Advocare products. However, thanks to the internet I think it is easier than ever to find the help needed to remain a frugal "foody"!
Oh so handy because this little face has already loved every sample of baby food set in front of her...these eyes are saying "FEED ME mama". 

I have known about Zaycon Foods for quite awhile and when I saw that their amazing chicken was on sale again AND the pick up time was now going to be on a Saturday, it was time to finally seize their great offer! In the area we live, chicken is on sale now and can be picked up in Mid-October. Zaycon Foods has locations ALL OVER the US so be sure to check if they have a location near you.

Zaycon Foods Photo
Chicken comes in 40 lb boxes, fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for just $1.84/lb. CRAZY savings! If you are hesitating because of the quantity of chicken, just remember this freezes well...or you can split the box amongst family or friends. Since we are BEEF eaters by heart, we are still debating whether we split it with our extended families. Butcher season is right about the time we are picking up the chicken, however, I know I'd use up the chicken for lunches, salads, quick dinners, etc!

Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods is now selling MILK! The best part about the Milk is that it is sourced straight from my good friend's family dairy! Local milk from right here in Central WA...does it get any better than that? 
I am also trying to wait patiently for the peaches, strawberries to come to the Ellensburg area.  We are really itchin' to get the Wildflower Honey to come here next!! (Fingers Crossed) 
Zaycon Foods
If you have any questions on ordering, leave a comment and I will get back to you in a jif! We are picking up our order in October and can't wait!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dusting off the cobwebs

Long time, NO Blog. :( I have been gone from the blogging world for FAR too long. I wish I had not been gone so long but alas its all for good reasons!

LIFE swept in and has been keeping me busy with blessing after blessing.

I met a wonderful man.

He proposed!

...Oh and I said YeS!!

We got Hitched.

Photos by Jonda Spurbeck Photography

Then....A little stork entered our home and delivered us a beautiful baby girl!

Photo by IA West

Yep...some things haven't changed. My life still moves Q-u-I-c-K :)

In that time, my domain expired...and someone else stole it! :( It turns out it was meant to be as it gives me the perfect opportunity to freshen up my writing and include more of what makes up our great world. I plan to give a glimpse into my family life, career, agriculture, faith, love, projects, music, health/fitness and everything in between.

My new and soon to be improved site will be called:

         GospeL RooTs & diRtY bOOtS!

The blog is currently under construction so as you visit changes will be made little by little. This will be a slow work in progress...did I mention I work full time, have the stork gift (5.5 months old) and that precious hubby who needs my TLC as often as I can cook..I mean love ;)

Hope you can stay with me through the construction. Good times are ahead! 


(Wondering about our AMAZING engagement and wedding photos...oh yes those lil ol magical gems?! Well, Jonda Spurbeck Photography is responsible for the photo magic! HIGHLY recommend them, more pictures and details of our Love Story to come!!